Here at the Moebius Foundation, we are always looking to advance humanity’s technological level, no matter the cost. When advanced alien races refuse to share their technology with us, we simply see it as an occupational challenge.

We have been trying to tap into the Protoss psionic energy matrix without success for years. The floating pylons they use to distribute the energy are immovable, and field scans yield nothing.

That all changes today. With great effort, field agents were able to procure a movable pylon! This must be a prototype version of the field-deployed ones. With its secrets, we may be able to construct our own wireless power system!

Let us proceed with the teardown before some unlikely hero inevitably kicks down our door and obliterates the lab.

This is an iFixit after-hours project. Any views expressed in this guide are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of iFixit.

Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo Protoss Pylon, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

  1. Here's what we theoretically know about these pylons:
    • Here's what we theoretically know about these pylons:

      • Uses Khaydarin crystals to channel energy

      • Takes 100 minerals and 30 seconds to warp in

      • Floats in the air and glows

      • Provides supplies for 8 units

  2. Scientific analysis of our "prototype" specimen yields the following data:
    • Scientific analysis of our "prototype" specimen yields the following data:

      • 2 unregulated USB ports capable of sourcing 2A total (or whatever max current it's supplied with)

      • The crystal can be activated to glow blue with a switch

      • Prototype: must be powered by a wired 5V 2.1A DC power supply

    • Luckily, we just got a shipment of high quality tools! And, they're so nice looking!

    • It's slightly unsettling that even the Protoss are using Phillips screws. It must be a universal standard.

    • The only thing worse than esoteric screw types? Low quality ones. These screws are made of soft metal and are easily stripped. This must be a side-effect of their warp-in technology.

    • Since most skirmishes last less than an hour, it looks like this field pylon wasn't built to be durable.

    • The clever Protoss thought they could hide their technological secrets behind a seemingly impossible to open enclosure. They obviously have not met the masters of the art.

    • We apply pressure with an opening pick at just the right place, and off pops the stabilization leg.

    • Wait, who removed the other stabilization leg? That will cau...

    • Phew! It looks like the sensitive monitoring equipment survived the explosion. After we scrape up the charred remains of the interns, we shall proceed as planned.

    • And here we see the casualties of the warp-in technology:

      • Energy transfer conduits that are dangerously pinched

      • Low reliability conduit-to-socket connections

    • These are weak points which will most likely fail before anything else. When it happens, repair should be simple. someone should note this in our files.

    • We finally get a glimpse of the Protoss' power channeling circuitry.

    • It is surprisingly sparse and low tech, consisting mostly of surface mount resistors and common electronic components...

    • !!!

    • We've been bamboozled by the Protoss! This isn't a real pylon; it's just a toy! A decoy!

    • Contact our field agents and fire them! Literally, with a Firebat executioner squad.

    • Speaking of being fired, someone’s going to have to take the fall for this. Wait right here! I’m going to go check on…something in the hanger bay…

I thought that humans would get that long-awaited technology ... it seems that we will have to continue using crank motors ... This afternoon I may release zerg eggs on some of their planets :)

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