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Nel caso ve lo siate perso, Apple sta avendo un incubo di una notte di mezza estate:

  • 22 giugno : Apple annuncia un programma di sostituzione gratuita della tastiera in seguito alla crescente pressione di una class action relativa alla progettazione difettosa della tastiera butterfly dei Macbook Pro.
  • 12 luglio: Apple ritira silenziosamente dal mercato il MacBook Pro 2015 dopo tre anni. Il che significa che ogni portatile della gamma Pro è equipaggiato con la controversa tastiera butterfly.
  • 13 luglio: Apple lancia il nuovo MacBook Pro e si prende cura di annunciare che la sua tastiera di terza generazione è stata ridisegnata solamente in nome della quiete. Noi abbiamo scoperto la presenza di una membrana in silicone sotto ogni tasto, apparentemente studiata per evitare le intrusioni indesiderate di cui abbiamo sentito tanto parlare. E quindi abbiamo scoperto un brevetto che lo conferma, datato 2016.
  • 16 luglio : Smontiamo il MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar 2018 e gli assegniamo il punteggio 1.

Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2018, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

    Considerazioni Finali
    • Il trackpad può essere sostituito senza rimuovere la batteria.
    • Il processore, la RAM e la memoria flash sono saldate sulla scheda logica. Le riparazioni e gli aggiornamenti si possono definire come minimo poco pratici.
    • Il gruppo superiore del case che comprende la tastiera, la batteria e gli altoparlanti è incollato tenacemente, rendendo difficile sostituire separatamente tutti questi componenti.
    • Il sensore Touch ID assolve alla funzione supplementare di pulsante di accensione ed è accoppiato al chip T2 sulla scheda logica. Aggiustare l'interruttore di accensione guasto può richiedere l'aiuto di Apple oppure l'installazione di una nuova scheda logica.
    Punteggio Riparabilità
    Riparabilità 1 su 10
    (10 è il più facile da riparare)

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So.. where is the actual teardown? Or is it video only?

Zezhen Xu (XOD) - Replica

Hang tight it’s coming! And it will be very informative!

Dan -

Can’t wait to see it, very curious about new model.

Faberge Fabulous -

Dan, is the full write up for the 15” still coming?

ryanwgregg -

Then? Nothing?

dottorehouse -

It’s November and there’s still no teardown. What’s going on?

Rob Speed -

I hope when you do the full teardown that you give us the model number of the screen as i’d like to research the specs of it.

sadi porter - Replica

IFIXIT won’t be tearing down the display assembly that would be pointless as its the same design for the last five years. The only thing different here is the TrueColor sensor built into the iSight camera logic board sitting next to the iSight camera at the top of the lid facing you.

Dan -

Dan - your statement is actually false. They updated the LCD on the 2016 USB-C/TB3 models to be 67% brighter than the previous generation, higher contrast ratio and a 25% wider color gamut that now includes P3 color space.

ryanwgregg -

Wondering if there is any way to improve its cooling system…

Salt Sugar - Replica

I believe a new high quality thermal paste will do a improve it a lot already

Stephen Law -

Yeah, apple applies trash thermo paste on their “pro” laptop. The thing is, with 2016’s new design, you have to take the whole logic board out to unscrew the heat sink(2012 model only needs to unscrew the heat sink). There are probably stickers somewhere, changing thermo paste would possibly affect your warranty.

Zezhen Xu (XOD) -

David Lee used his refrigerator’s ice box for his testing of the new i9 system! ( ;-}

While I’ll agree Apple’s choice of thermal paste is quite poor, I’m not sure if I would be so bold to re-paste it during the warranty period. Once the warranty had expired I think its worth the risk.

But the truth here is Apple messed up on the thermals big time on the i9 model (the testing done on by many shows this to be the case).

I’m not sure if the 6 core i7 is much better. I’ll need to spend sometime reviewing Intels tech literature to figure that out.

Dan -

I doubt thermal paste will help much, the cooling solution is essentially the same as in the 13”

Despite having a higher performance 45W CPU (vs 28W) and discrete AMD GPU (probably another 30-50W)

Vince Longman -

The cooling mechanism is to use a recessed sewing table as your computer desk. Get a cooling block from your camping cooler, put it in the recessed area of the table and place the laptop on top of the cooling block.

randyjackson1970 -

I think you should start thinking about a new kind of repairability score as systems will get increasingly integrated in the future, meaning even less repairability. That is simply the trend all companies are going, and the used scale is not representative for anything anymore.

Jonathan Schostak - Replica

I agree with Jonathan Schostak. Mabey add 0 and negative scores to the scale?

Mining15 -

How difficult is it to swap out the hard drive?

newkiddintowne - Replica

Impossibly difficult.

Faberge Fabulous -

Soldered flash chips - Not possible!

Dan -

Would you guys mind providing some high-res images of the motherboard, especially near the CPU area and on both sides? I’m quite interested in the VRM configuration.

Al2Me6 - Replica

definitely the VRMs need to be changed, because they are not delivering enough power to drive the CPU. This ist the case why the CPU on the i9 clocks down after 1 second when workload is applied. The CPU is not getting warm. but the VRMs are.

Pavitarpal Singhlitt -

A warranty void if removed sticker would be illegal. Hope Apple remembers this.

rockjapan - Replica

Dittoing the VRM comment, there’s been some interesting speculation that it’s the VRMs that are underspecced and overheating before the i9 does.

tipoo - Replica

Waiting for detailed teardown!

matiblaszczak - Replica

Waiting for detailed teardown!

YUHAN FENG - Replica

Waiting for the detailed teardown!

Sunjay Dhama - Replica

Is that any good way to open the back case? I stuck there.

zhpenn - Replica

Waiting for the detailed teardown!

孙景祖 - Replica

why all 15 inch models with touchbar don't have an detailed teardown???

haoyang - Replica

Still waiting….

Andrew Subali - Replica

I hate to disappoint you all, but we have no plans for a written teardown—the video covers the highlights pretty well, and we did a deeper dive on the keyboard here (using the 13” model, but the keyboard is very similar on the 15”). Of course, we still have the 15” model and all its parts from the video—so if you have any specific questions, feel free to post them here and we might be able to answer them for you!

Jeff Suovanen - Replica

Can you make a photo of the motherboard in high resolution on both sides? Thanks.

Hardfan - Replica

Teardown! Teardown!

Ivan Zykov - Replica

It would be nice to have a guide on removing the motherboard. I’d like to replace thermal paste, but don’t want to remove stuff that I don’t need to remove to get the mobo out.

Philip Thrasher - Replica

iFixit should do teeardowns on every model. If they stop, they will lose viewers to someone else.

B Louis - Replica

Base off this, does that mean future Laptop will also trend or become this way?

BTW the REAL question… Should I still buy this? If so, would I be better off getting a fix on third party or Applecare?

Jack Wang - Replica

Hi-res photos and the breakdown of board-level components is an essential reason why I have always been a fan of iFixit. To allude a possibility of this, only to take it away later, is just the sort of tantalizing deceit that can make people find another source for info. If you “still have” the device and components, what’s preventing a quick take-off-the-shelf and snapping a few pics that millions of followers have become oh-so-accustomed to? The sudden change of mind just seems weird.

therealjayvi - Replica

APPLE please return to models with memory and ssd upgradeable, the computer is a crap to repair

blanca lugos - Replica

Has anyone managed to activate the Intel UHD 630 GPU while running bootcamp?

jyavenard - Replica

How is the Radeon Pro Graphics attached to the motherboard? What package is used?

An image of the MacBook Pro motherboard with all ICs identified has been a staple of all previous iFixit teardowns, MIA

dtottle - Replica

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