Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo HP Pavilion, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

    • Turn off computer.

    • Unplug from wall.

    • Remove wire from power source.

    • Turn off monitors, printers, and anything else that is plugged into PC. Remove all peripherals (wires) that are plugged into the back of PC and set aside.

    • Remove screws holding PC Door in place. Slide door out, remove, and set aside

    • After door is removed you can now see and have access to most components.

    • First Remove front cover by pulling plastic clips outward with screwdriver. After all 3 clips are removed you can remove front cover.

    • Remove front mounted perhipials.

    • Unscrew front mounted perhipials.

    • Unclip front mounted perhipials.

    • Remove cage for Personal Media Drive and HDD #1. Remove rear Data Cable by pushing in sides with fingers or screwdriver.

    • Remove cage for Personal Media Drive and HDD #1.

    • Unscrew with flat head screwdriver.

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    • Remove cage for Personal Media Drive and HDD #1.

    • Lay PC on its side, Locate release tab on cage, press tab with long screwdriver, and remove cage.

    • Remove cage for Personal Media Drive and HDD #1. After releasing tab you can pull cage up and out. Remove power and data cables from HDD.

    • Remove 4 Screws with flat head screwdriver.

    • Slide HDD out of cage

    • Slide new HDD into cage Replace 4 Screws with flat head screwdriver.

    • With HDD Drive removed you now have access to the 4 slots of RAM

    • Remove RAM one and a time. Push top tab, then button tab, and slide RAM out of slot

    • Set RAM in order of removal so that it can be replaced in the same order.

    • Replace RAM in same manner as removal. Gently place bottom of RAM in slot and press in until you hear it click in place.

    • Move on to replace HDD

    • Re-connect power wire and data cable to HDD

    • Slide HDD Cage back into place until locking tab clicks

    • Replace screws and tighten down

    • Re-insert data cable and push in until it clicks

    • HDD installation is finished!!

    • Move forward to completely put back together PC.

    • Connect front peripherals to case

    • Screw on 2 screws to for aux/headphone jack/usb mount

    • Run wires through plastic clip and secure

    • Push plastic housing back onto mounting area to re-attach on/off button

    • Reinstall Front and sides of case Re-insert front off case and push in until it clicks Slide door back on and screw shut

    • Plug in all wires for: monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc..

    • Connect power wire to powersource and plug into wall

    • TURN ON PC !!!!!! Your now finished and ready to use your PC with new HDD and RAM


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