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Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo Galaxy Note10 Plus, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

    Considerazioni Finali
    • Equally-sized Phillips fasteners means you only need to bring one driver for repairs.
    • Many components are modular and independently replaceable, but no more headphone jack means double duty for the USB-C port.
    • Every repair starts with painstakingly un-gluing the fragile glass rear cover.
    • Replacing the glued-down battery is tougher than ever, especially with board interconnect cables to work around.
    • All-too-common display repairs require either a complete teardown or replacing half the phone.
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8 Commenti

Samsung note s10+ fix

kamran.abbas10i - Replica

i drop my Samsung Note 10+ and broke the display how can i replace it

Hussain Shiyan - Replica

Sorry but the camera lens is apart of the actual rear glass.

ducky draws -

Please add how to replace the rear camera lense onle without having to take the back glass off.

Fawaz Tariq - Replica

What are you guys return policy because i received the wrong screen. Instead of the Galaxy S10 + screen i needed my Galaxy Note 10+ one. I haven’t taken the other screen out the wrapper yet.

William Rozier - Replica

Dumb question here can you take out the 256 and put in the 512 in the note 10plus??

Chris Rice - Replica

What’s a good source for genuine Galaxy Note 10 Plus parts? Also, is there a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus parts list with Samsung part numbers?

Tim Golden - Replica

This PDF may be helpful for you! Also, we sell parts!

Carsten Frauenheim -

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