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This video is an unboxing and teardown of the Dell XPS 13.

Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo Dell XPS 13 9370, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

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Membro da: 16/10/2017

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74 Guide realizzate

nice…. hope soon the whole step would be upload so I can repair my water damaged in laptop screen

m.aiman_90 - Replica

Too bad you didn’t take the heatsink and cooler off, to have a look at the cpu.

Takk - Replica

will there be a 9370 teardown? The one up now only shows basic steps but I need to replace the palm rest body and would appreciate one!

steveen park - Replica

Same, please let me know if you found a way to do this.

Stephen Spencer -

Is the touch screen connector on the motherboard present also on the non-touch XPS?

Raffaele T. - Replica

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