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MP60 Packaging
  • MP60 Packaging

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  • MP60

  • 6ft Heavy Gauge Line Cable

  • 6ft Ethernet Cable

  • Wall mounting screws

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  • 8x 3mm Triangle bit case screws

  • 9x Philips #1 Screws

  • User resettable 16a breaker

  • 10/100 Ethernet

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  • Assembly lifts out as a single piece after removing screws

  • The wifi board and antennas are located as far away as possible from the power supply to avoid interference.

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  • Qualcomm - QCA9531

    • 560 Mhz CPU (Not too shabby for some outlets)

    • 2x2 B/G/N 2.4 Ghz Wifi

  • Antenna

  • Reset Switch

  • Heatsink

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  • STM8S00 - 16Mhz microcontroller

  • Outlet Status LEDs

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  • 10A Relay

  • Renergy RN7302 3-Phase power metering IC

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  • Surge suppression circuitry

  • High quality 120VAC to 5V DC converter

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