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This guide is part of a reverse engineering project for EE 460. We were given a Cuisinart 4-Slice Tandem Toaster, and we broke it down into its most basic components.

  1. This Cuisinart Toaster's technical highlights include:
    • This Cuisinart Toaster's technical highlights include:

      • Tandem, 2-slot toaster

      • 1½" wide toasting slots

      • Function control dial

      • Bagel, Defrost and Reheat selections

      • Blue LED shade control with large, easy-to-read numbers

      • 2 or 4 slice button; cancel button

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  2. Unplug the toaster prior to teardown.
    • Unplug the toaster prior to teardown.

    • On the bottom of the toaster, unscrew the 4 Torx screws (using a screw driver)

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    • Pull the press handle down and away from the toaster to disconnect the body.

    • Lift up the body of the toaster.

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    • Pull the pin header cable to disconnect the body of the toaster from the main assembly unit.

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    • Remove the 5 Torx screws to detach the heating unit from the bottom of the toaster unit.

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    Diffondi allegria Fixmas
    Ottieni $12 sul tuo acquisto di $50 o più con il codice FIXMAS12
    • Using a plastic opening tool, carefully pry open the metal casing underneath the toaster.

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    • Remove the screws to detach controls from the plastic shell of the toaster.

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    • Interior of the user control interface

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    • Remove the soldered wire that is hooked to each part of the end plate assembly.

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    • Heating Unit

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    • This is the Circuit Board used for controlling each subsystem of the toaster.

    • The integrated circuit marked 4541 contains an oscillator which oscillates at some hundreds or thousands of oscillations per second, the speed being determined by the browning setting. It also contains a binary counter which can count up to 65,536.

    • The integrated circuit marked 4066 contains several logic gates which select the count value required for normal, defrost or reheat.

    • During the count, the logic gates supply a small current to the transistor, causing it to energise the electromagnet. At the end of the selected count, the logic gates switch this current off and the transistor de-energises the electromagnet.

    • While energised, the electromagnet holds the lever down. When the current is switched off the lever is released and the spring pops the toast up.

    • Toasters of this age frequently use these "4000-series" integrated circuits as they can run off a wide range of supply voltages. Newer toasters use a microcontroller (essentially a simple micro computer) as this is more flexible in its functions and can also easily drive LEDs to show you what the toaster is doing.

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    • Main Assembly Unit

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    • Main Element Assembly

    • Crumb Tray with Power Cord

    • Circuitry with Heating Component

    • User Control Interface with Buttons

    • Press Handle Spring

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