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A look at the guts of the iPaq.

Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo Compaq iPaq Pocket PC 3765, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

an original ipaq from compaq not hp
  • an original ipaq from compaq not hp

  • the teardown is realatively simple (PS: simply is not always easy)

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There are four torx screws here
  • There are four torx screws here

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  • Gently pry around the edges to release the cover

  • The battery is glued to the back cover be careful not to damage the fragile ribbon cable

  • fold the back under the front panel and carefully remove the battery connector

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  • x

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  • Disconnect the backlight

  • from the inverter

  • here is an Htc branded processor

  • be sure to pop up the black wire

  • remove the stylus ejector

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  • Gently pull on the top face while lifting the logic board (will require some force)

  • Be careful of the black wire running along the board

  • Disconnect the screen and digitizer cables being careful not to damage the cable or connector

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  • two Intel flash chips

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  • again putting pressure on the top panel lift the display out of the case

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  • an htc branded control board

  • (funny I thought it said compaq on the front?)

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  • The final product (destroyed that is)

  • I used NO anti-static precautions, reassembled the device and after finaly getting the video cable to lock in it worked fine

  • PS: the touch panel worked But when i fixed the video cable i knocked it loose and didnt realize it and now i have to fix it (sigh)

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