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Membro da: 16/10/2017

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Je n' arrive pas a voir le disque dur de l' ordinateur. Est il accessible?

Peut il être changé ?

schauch - Replica

You mean that you pc can’t see the hard drive? Even in bios?

IT FIX - Replica

Boni can't see it on the video. I d like to buy one of these laptop and change the hard drive for a bigger one. Is it easy to do it?

schauch - Replica

It’s very easy but it’s supports only M.2 SSDs

IT FIX - Replica

Hi there,

I own this laptop, and the internal fan has started to make rattling-like noises, as well as suddenly stopping and starting after a period of watching videos and the like. I am wondering if this is due to dust clogging the CPU fan, and whether compressed air can be used to clean up. If it’s not due to dust clog, what else might be the problem?


Sai - Replica

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