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How to replace iPhone 4s mid chassis frame?

I am planning on replacing my iphone 4s mid chassis frame from silver to red and I was wondering if anyone has a guide on how to remove everything from the iPhone so i may replace this.

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Hey Seth,

We do not have a guide specifically for replacing the frame. That requires completely removing all components from your device and then basically reassembling the phone. If you are up to it, though, we have a set of guides right here that will show you how to remove each part. I would recommend following the Display Assembly guide first, then use the rest of the guides to remove any components left attached to the frame.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thank you but I was wondering what is left in the phone so i will know what guides to use after the display assembly.


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Hey Seth, i'm looking for a original silver mid frame, do you part from yours? Looking for a mint condition one.

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I just replaced mine last night to a Black Mid Frame. It's hard to do, took me 2 3/4 hrs and there were at times points where I thought couldn't finish the project. I followed separate UTube videos on the different parts I got stuck on.

I suggest you buy a new home button flex cable £2, a heat dissipation sticker from eBay £10(this sticks to the mid frame on the side where the screen goes), a battery holder sticker £2, and some front LCD display stickers £1, the latter sticks to the frame and holds the LCD to the frame when you reassemble your phone.


Remember to swap over the sim tray ejection lever from the old frame to the new one!

Take your time, be careful, and do your UTube Video revision before you start out.

I was planning on making a video of me doing the frame swap, but there's no way I could have done it taking that long like I thought it would.

You'll need to use a new home button flex cable because its stuck onto the mid frame with sticky tape and when you prize it off and put it on the new frame...the button works, but doesn't feel the same as it did before. Not much of a click feel.

I hope you manage it. It's rewarding when it's all back together again!

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