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Una nuova generazione notevolmente stilizzata della Volkswagen Beetle, chiamata la New Beetle, prodotta dal 1997 al 2011.

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2002 VW New Beetle - plast dip stick casing has shattered

The shaft for the dip stick has broken and will need to be replaced. How difficult and is it drivable as is?

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Gus Nierman, I would not be driving it to far, since it will be blowing oil out of the tubing, when the engine is running. All you need is to use a pair of long nose pliers and pull that old tube out. The plastic actually has a metal end where it connects to the engine. Just be careful not to get plastic pieces into your oil pan. After you removed the tube, just push the new one into place. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Go to ID Parts on the web and you can buy another one at a low cost...they only clip on

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