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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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MBP is Dead after plug in in of a USB harddrive


As I pluged in a USB-Harddrive into the Macbook, it powered totaly off imediately and is dead now.

- Battery LED´s does not light when I press the knob

- The magsafe LED is very dark green and a bit flashing (but not as bright as normaly)

The SMD reset does nothing

Is there a fuse on the board?

is there a chance that it is the RAM?

Is it possible that the MagSafe LED gives error codes?

how much would cost a logic board?

Thanks for your help?



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Please, tell us exactly which model of MacBook Pro is it.


Yes, thank you.

I put a link to download ASD (apple service diagnostic)


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Thank You very much mistaro & machead3!!!

all tests are Passed,

...It feels better now

I have never heared about crashes that cause this trouble, but my collegues told me they had the same on windows pc when USB devices sometimes pluged in, the solution is allways the same they sayed: no battery & no power while pushing the powerknob to ensure all components are free of voltage, capacitores for example.

In 99% of all cases they had the computer starts normal and it was only a crash 1% leaves in mainboard failure due to a peak overvoltage.

so mr. machead3 you were right, but I had to remove the battery connector too, the Apple SMC reset with buttons did not work.

THANKS ALL, great knowledge here!

respect and cheers from cologne



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If this is still under warranty I'd take it to a Genius bar. There are so many things it could be... If it's out of warranty and you're willing to DIY you could follow the guide to open it. Remove the battery overnight (8hrs) and see if it boots powered only by the magsafe (don't screw it back together - just reassemble on a flat safe surface before applying power- you'll want to put the battery back eventually). If it boots gracefully shut down, remove the magsafe and reconnect the battery... see if that boots.

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sorry, is this enough?:

Mac Book Pro 17´´ 8.3 early 2011

- 2.2 GHz Intel Core I7

- Graphic: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB

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Hey, i have EXACTLY the same MacBook Pro and exactly the same problem, did you fixed it ? Please help !


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Hi thanks for your answer,

Apple warranty is over (April 2011)

I disconected the battery pack connector, then the macbook booted normaly with the magsafe powersuply.

How can I measure the batterypack?

Do you think it is the akku or the mainboard line in between?



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Update: I have reconected the batterie and now it boots normaly!???

Is it possible that a crash is so heavy in Hardware failure????

How can I check the Hardware complete?

I don´t trust it anymore;)

Has anyone heared about such a hardware crash?


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