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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Randomly sleeping and shutting down with battery plugged in.

Hi guys,

I just baught this MacBook and it randomly keeps going to sleep and shutting down. A couple Mac fix people in town said it was the logic board most likely however I removed the battery and it works 100% without the battery in. I'm going to replace the battery connector and the battery sensor cable. The sleep sensor seems to be fine and it seems unlikely that it would be the sleep sensor as the machine only malfunctions with the battery attached. I don't have another battery to test it but I don't think it's the battery. Any ideas? I've already reset the power management and pram as well as the os has been reinstalled.

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Have you tried ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic) test?



Yes. ran a add OS and EFI test today. The only failure was and internal display error 72 when running the 2D accelerator. I don't think it has anything to do with the battery issue. Oddly enough when in the OS ASD it boots into a version of snow leopard and the unit did not sleep at all as it does when in the true os? Im wondering if there may have been a spill thats causing the random sleep issues as there was another post with the same issue and he just had to clean his logic board? I really don't want to pull the board but i might have to. Does anyone know what causes the macbook to go to sleep. I know there is a sleep IR sensor cable by the HD but i think it is only the indicator? would that cable have the ability to trigger sleep mode?? The battery issue leads me to believe it is a faulty ground although all tests on the battery past? maybe i will try running the ASD again with the battery pulled and see if i have the same failure?


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"maybe i will try running the ASD again with the battery pulled and see if i have the same failure?"



1-Reset PRAM

2-Try to disable the sensor Montion.

Typing sudo pmset -a sms 0 into Terminal and pressing Return.

Type your administrator password when you are prompted.

Type sudo pmset -g command to be sure that the setting returns as "0"

-The third is to clean up the list of Wi-Fi networks stored by the Mac.

-And the last solution is to reinstall OS X.



-error 72 comes when something wrong about the RAM

-or could be a "false-positive"

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Alright i will give that a shot. Im assuming the sensor monition will just remove any sleep functions at all? Last night i removed the battery connector cover plate and examined the cable. There may be an issue with it as it looked to be in ruff shape. After i re assembled it i got the same issues with the battery in however now the screen is going black and adjusting brightness did nothing. As always it works fine without the battery. I have reset the PRAM a few times now but i will do that again and re run the diagnostics without the battery intact. I will update in a few hours. Thanks


!! So far the sensor monition trick works! no issues since i did it! What part does this relate to? Thanks i was wondering if you could disable the sleep features through terminal!! I also cleared all the wifi networks and reset the PRAM again as mentioned.


Which version of OS X ?


Lion latest update. The fix worked for a day now it's back?


If error 72 relates to ram could it be the ram on the card or in the machine?


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