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Release date: Jan. 24, 2008; 8MP, 3x Optical Zoom, Built in optical image stabilizer system and Face Detection software; DIGIC III Image Processor.

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water damage, won't turn on

Hi somebody,

My canon was dunked in water and after drying it out the camera makes no function...

how many fuses are and where they are?



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Have you disassembled and cleaned it yet?


Hi oldturkey03, Thanks for the very fast and full-scale response!

I"ll try a bit later.



the FUSE was not faulty,

I cleaned with alcohol, shorted the SWITCH on battery door, but still nothing.

Think stray current made more serious damages :(


vidma, try to clean the logic board with with isopropyl camera. There are a few more fuses on the logic board. Check all those for continuity.


Thanks oldturkey03, but how to find them, could you send me service manual with repair instruction and diagrams?


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vidma, the image will show you where the power fuse is located. Just remember that with water damage, a good cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of corrosion failure later on. Here are more reason why your camera may not get any power:

"If electrical conduction is not found:

• FUSE is blown; replace it with a new one.

If the FUSE is not faulty:

• MAIN PCB Assembly excluding the FUSE is faulty

• OPERATION FPC Assembly is faulty

• TOP COVER UNIT is faulty

• BATTERY COVER is damaged.

• DETECT SWITCH(MAIN PCB assembly) is faulty"

Hope this helps, good luck

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Hi oldturkey03 I replaced the main then also cam is not getting on.where can I get all cam spares.plz help


canon sd 1100 got dunked in juice , cleaned with ip also replace fuse 1001 then also not getting 8n plz help.


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