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car battery draining after 2 days if hardly used

I have had issues with my convenience control unit and the VW garage said I had a leak and this unit was wet, They cleaned it out and dried out the unit, Everything worked fine after this, Before this happened I had a new battery fitted as it kept running out of charge. This was all 2 months ago now. But recently the battery is dying again. It has been in the garage and they say the battery is fine, They think it could be the alternator or a belt attached to this, They want to replace the belt first to see if this solves the problem.

Could it be the convenience control unit causing the battery to drain.

Many Thanks

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It might be a hidden element such as boot or glove compartment light which is stuck on. Sometimes hard to track but quite possible. Remove all lightbulbs or the respective fuses of hidden lights.

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had problem with battery drain,problem was me leaving heated wing mirrors on as this is a constant live and will drain battery easy in 2 days.

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Will this still drain the battery if the heated mirrors are burned out or blown a fuse? I've had my car for 4 years and just found out today I have (HAD) heated mirrors and they have been on the entire time! If I don't start my car everyday i have to jump start it. I've gone thru 5 batteries in 4 years! Help!


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