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Not enough disk space? Need a backup solution? External drives provide you with extra storage in your office or on the go. Learn how to repair them here.

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Can I use an external usb hdd

I want some extra storage for video and music content.

So would like to add an external usb hdd.

I am upgrading the RAM to 2 gb so if I had to fit a new drive. Although I do not have the installation disks. So which disks should I get.

Any advice and assistance would be great fully appreciiated.

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Here is a link for a USB external hard drive but you should consider a unit with the capability of both USB and Firewire to allow you to boot from the drive. This assumes a Mac computer--if you have a Microsoft unit just get the USB drive. This dealer has that version also. If you look they also have a video on this process. Good luck.

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