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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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Can I replace 20 gig with a 60 gig?

hard drive dead . will it accept a 60 instead of 20 gig?

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Yes, but you need to replace a bunch of parts as well, you would need to replace the following parts with 40 or 60 gig versions, you can click on all the links to buy the parts:

1) rear panel

2) headphone jack

3) headphone jack cable

(I'm not quite sure all of these are correct, if someone else could verify that would be great, upgrading a 5th gen is a common enough procedure, but this is a bit of an older gen)

That should work, you can get a 60 gig drive here, however, if you would just like to get another 20gig then you can get one here.

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nice effort +vote


Awesome! Great answer! A couple of revisions:

No need to change the battery; it's the same thickness. When changing the headphone jack, the jack bracket and cable also need changing.


nice answer, good job :)


Thank you! I'll edit the answer accordingly


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What about replacing the 20gb with a 80gb classic drive? if you just added the right adapter on the hard drive? probably not, but just wondering :)

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I highly doubt that, aren't they completely different sizes?


i'll have to check and see.. i think it would "fit", but the connectors are very different i know, but maybe somehow... lol i'm not entirely sure about this theory, i'll check it out and let you know though :P


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My 20gb 4th Gen iDie Hard Color, model A1099, lost his mind after I dropped it from 2+mtr high on a concrete floor. I ordered a:

64GB KingSpec 1.8-inch IDE CF 50-pin SSD Solid State Disk (MLC)

to replace the original KIA 20gb HDD. Within 24hrs I received the 64gb KingSpec SSD.

I used iFixit's "iPod 4th Generation or Photo Hard Drive Replacement" as my DIY guide.

A good thing to know is that the 64gb KingSpec SSD has the same size as the original 20gb HDD so you don't have to buy a 40/60gb thick rear panel, 40/60gb headphone jack or bracket. Connecting the KingSpec SSD is exactly the same as connecting a HDD

When I was done I attached the iMod to my Laptop. Right after that I got a "iPod Firewire AC Charger" logo on my iMod screen. When I attached it to the AC Charger the "iPod Firewire AC Charger" logo disappeared and the "battery is fully charged" logo appeared. Right after that I connected my iMod again to my laptop. Because iTunes recognized the iMod it started itself up. After I choose "Restore iPod" in iTunes my iMod was within one minute fully functional again. Time will tell if it became a "iDie Harder" ;-)

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