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Socket from battery accidently removed

Hi, hope somebody can help me.

I installed an SSD drive in my MacBook air. During installation I removed the battery and accidentally pulled the socket -not sure if it is the right term for the part - from the board instead of pulling the connector out. I did not use any force it came off very easily.

Now I have problems connecting the battery. I tried to put the socket back on the board, but somehow it seems loose and there seems to be no contact.

With AC it works fine, but the MBA does not recognize the battery. How can I fix it? Is there a replacement socket I can order?

Thanks in advance.


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Take a look at the photo on the right and try to tell us just what you pulled out. Did the wires come out of the socket? Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air modelli A1237 e A1304

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Thanks, that is a good idea.

Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air modelli A1237 e A1304

Photo - step 3, is showing how to remove the battery the right way by pulling out the connector. I pulled accidentally both parts from the board, the "socket" is still on the connector, but I can remove the part. Thanks for taking the time.


Did this fix the problem?


No, the socket is off. I took it to my neighbourhood repair store, which specializes fortunately in Apple. The gentlemen over there told me that he has to phone around to see if somebody does repair on a component level.


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You may be able to resolder the socket in place.

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Thanks, Josh. I will look into that.


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hi there,

i had the same problem. i have just resoldered it, with new problems following. the touchpad and the keyboard just works temporarly.

now looking for solutions to solve it

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