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iPhone di quarta generazione. La riparazione è semplice, ma il vetro anteriore e l'LCD andranno sostituiti insieme. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB di memoria / Modello A1332 / Nero e Bianco.

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Why isn't my iPhone powering?

Here's the story. I changed the mid-plate on friday and everything went well. On saturday, I reopened it but when I popped the battery, I saw a little spark. I was scared, and like I thought, it wouldn't power on ... But I plugged it in the wall and it worked again flawlessly. But here's the deal : Tonight I was installing Zagg shield (screen protector). Maybe 10 minutes afterward, I answered a text, placed my phone down and when I was wondering why I had no answer, I noticed my phone was dead. Thought it was the battery, but nothing was showing. Tried plugging it in the wall but still no luck. Checked the battery using a checker and it shows the battery has power. Something happened though : Maybe 15 minutes ago, I though my phone was fixed because the white Apple appeared. But it got stuck there for 5 minutes, tried hard reseting and now nothing works...


My phone isn't powering. What could be the problam and how can I fix it ?


Could the solution used in the installation of my Zagg screen protector cause a problem inside the iPhone ? Like a short or something ?


Any other solutions I could try out ? stuff I could check ?

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Is it still absolutely dead or does the Apple show? How much power does your battery show? Tried a hard reset yet? Have you tried to let battery charge?


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I have found it near impossible to actually kill an iPhone. But then again I also believe that nothing is impossible. A sort of contradiction there. Try removing the Mainboard from the phone and leaving it out for a couple of hours, the longer the better. If possible at least 24 hours. A full discharge of the whole phone will usually solve most annoying and strange problems such as yours.

I recently had a similar issue but kept the restore process going till even itunes wouldn't even acknowledge the phone as being connected. I removed the board and put it aside. After 48 hours I got around to having another go at it, once I put the board back in I got life. I did not even have to restore it, as it worked like nothing had happened.

I always do similar thing with any household appliance including my P.C. when they play DUMB. Pull the plug from the wall, let it sit for a minute or two to let all electrons to dissipate from the Capacitors and then plug back in. Strange as it may sound but at least 9 times out of 10 it works like new. The discrepancy of 1 is when you let the smoke out (Fried).

Good luck. I have yet to brick an iPhone or even see one. Except for terminal death by car and intentional damage of the Logic Board, snapped in two.

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I tried this, I tried hard reset, tried taking all of the components out of the pohne (up to buttons and stuff). I tried hard reset, tried plugging it in for 12 hours ... Nothing seems to work ... Any way I can test if the logic board is defective ?


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