Booting with Apple as normal, then screen goes all wierd?

I sit here scratching my head in total disbelief as to my new dilemma. It all started with a Gold Middle Frame conversion for a Customer who in the end decided that she didnt want it and gave it to me. I have removed her Mainboard from the phone and replaced with a Brand New 32GB Mainboard. Re-assemble the phone very carefully and when I Boot it up all is normal, an apple appears but it is taking way too long then eventually the screen is filled with horizontal lines of many different colours. I cannot take a photo to explain it as I kill power as soon as possible, so I have checked Google images for something to explain. All I can find are similar images not from iPhones. Wierd I know but all i could come up with.

Block Image

This image has been doctored to appear like my screen sort of looks like. In fact it is a Dell laptop that has crashed. I rotated it 90 degrees and reversed the resolution to make it appear like an iPhone screen. Here is the original.

Block Image

It doesnt end yet though. After double, triple, and quadruple checked everything. I have changed mainboards, twice. And I carefully removed and replaced the LCD Dispaly Assembly and changed colours from the then Original White Replacement Screen with an Original Black. No matter the combination of hardware and no matter how gentle and careful I am same result.

I am a trained Technician, not trying to blow my own horn here, but I do know exactly what I am doing and understand all aspects of repairing these devices. but at the moment I am at a loss.

Any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

What am I doing wrong here?

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