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Ifixit battery needs replacement after only 237 cycles

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2 years ago replaced my macbook airs battery with an ifixit one. I use the macbook daily, its generally very normal charged like I handle all my macbooks. It never runs hot and is used mainly for terminal work.

I usually replace macbook batteries for clients with an ifixit one, but this makes me wondering if I should look elsewhere, don't want clients to be disappointed after just around 250 cycles.

I did the nv/pram resets stuff and a reinstall of the OS to no effect.. It's sad.

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Well clearly the battery is not good, but we also need to understand COVID effected the battery makers quite substantially! Between poor quality chemicals and components battery produced during COVID have not done well no matter where you bought it.

I would recommend you submit a request to the store to see what they can do to help you out. I’ve had to replace a few batteries do the quality issues and as I can get the batteries locally from a trusted supplier I can tell you they too have been effected.

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I have 2 batteries here for A1466 MB Airs, 109 cycles and 349 cycles and both are original apple made batteries and both are finished, and one from a MB Pro 2015 on just 55 cycles. They no longer want to hold a charge and once the power is disconnected the units immediately shut down. I always look at batteries like lungs, they need to breathe, meaning always charging to 90-100% and running low to 5% at least once every 1-2 weeks.... this way the cells don't get to stick together for longer periods which kills the batteries performance, also charging non stop and or charging for just a few % on a regular basis can also hurt their performance. I never had any problems in doing this way and have gotten well over 1000 cycles on 2-3 batteries. Bi-Monthly re-calibration also definitely helps to keep batteries fit and healthy. Hope that helps!

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