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lawn tractor gas leak

My 20 years old Murray 425600X8A ran ok before. It went bad after a small engine shop performed the tune up and changed to a mulching blade. The tractor exhaust pipe spitted gas when started, and blew a huge of white smoke then halted. The shop took the tractor back and suggested to get the engine rebuild. I don't want to spend more $ and took the tractor back. Found the fuel pipe to the carburetor was loose so I plugged it back. It is a Briggs Stratton model 31D777 type 0235E1. Ordered a fuel line clamp and try to fix it myself. I plan to rise the cutting height since the shop lowered it before. Any advice/s helping me to diagnose/fix the problem/s will be appreciated.

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@mid66062 you did not tell us idf this "Found the fuel pipe to the carburetor was loose so I plugged it back" made any difference. I wonder if this is not from working on your enine. Sometimes you will have oil that enters the combustion chamber etc. when the engine gets tilted etc. If it runs, let it run for a while and see if it cleas up. Of course, make sure that you have enough oil in the engine etc.

It is possible you could have internal issues with the engine, like bad piston rings etc. Try a compression test, check your valve train etc. Start off with the basic manual B&S 31D777 0235 E1 and after that go ahead and use the Single Cylinder OHV Repair Manualto work on the "internals" of your engine

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Oldturkey03: Thank you for the manuals.

Attached are 2 photos [image|3334673][image|3334672] and Google share video link

There is gas dripping from the pipe which connected to the air filter bottom. I ordered a clamp to stop the gas leaking from there. Advice will be appreciated. Thanks.



My question: why gas flows from the engine side to the air filter side when the engine is off? If the clamp hold the leaking out; will the gas accumulate and eventually flood the air filter or backflow to the engine?



@mid66062 yes, it could flood your engine. I would check the needle valve inside the float bowl. I wonder if it is stuck and thus allows fuel to get through the carb into the engine.


I am able to start the tractor but there was gas leaking from the exhaust pipe to the ground. See video line below.

Can I still use the tractor with gas spit out when starting?

I am unable to find Briggs Stratton model 31D777 type 0235E1 in their repair manual and their website. Where can I find the repair manual how to to remove that carburetor? Are the Briggs & Stratton Needle & Seat Kit

398188 universal for all engines? Advice will be appreciated.



@mid66062 The second link in my original answer is the service manual for this engine. Section 4 in that manual is the chapter that deals with carburetion. Most likely the one for your engine will be on page 82. No, the needle valve and float assembly will be specific to the carburetor. In theory you can start the engine, just be aware of the amount of fluid that maybe in the combustion chamber. It will most likely be flooded and not start or start with some backfiring.


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