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Repair information and guides for the updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook that was released in early 2016. Model A1534 / EMC 2991

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Can't install MacOS, no internet connection


I got a MacBook Retina 12" from 2016 from eBay, that apparently has an issue with WiFi/Bluetooth.. I hoped a SMC reset or PRAM reset would help, however, so far, I didn't even get to the point of trying everything.

The Mac currently has no OS installed (flashing folder icon when starting).

I tried a PRAM reset and also an SMC reset, but so far with no success. The weird thing is: I don't even get to recovery mode, where I could get to the disk util.. When holding cmd+r, all I get is the globe with the explanation mark and the error code -1005F.

It's so odd for me. When trying to hold option for boot options, I actually get to those - WiFis don't show up though. The only option I can pick is internet recovery (which of course is not working without WiFi).. I also tried connecting a (custom brand) usb c adapter with a lan cable, but that didn't do anything either at that point.

My first goal now would be to install MacOS, to theoretically be able to use the Mac without WiFi, but with ethernet.. Is it normal, that I can't get to the recovery?

Unfortunately, I don't have another Mac right here to create a bootable drive - that might work, but is not really an option...

Any ideas what to try?

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Sure! Using a second Mac download the proper macOS installer from here How to download and install macOS then setup a 32GB USB thumb drive first reformatting it for Mac, then copy over to it the OS installer package and following this Create a bootable installer for macOS.

Then all you need to do is startup your MacBook Air with it to install the OS.

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@danj unfortunately I don't have another Mac for that available right now.. Also, WiFi still wouldn't work afterwards propably.. Could it be the WiFi Adapter itself that has the problem? The initial error (shown on eBay) said, that there's an error in the network settings, when trying to configure WiFi.. Error is for Bluetooth as well... What else could it be, if PRAM and SMC reset don't help?


@nameless7069 - Too little to work off of here to even guess! Until you boot up the system via the external drive and try to install the OS I can't tell you anything more.


@danj Okay, I guess I'll put it on hold then, until I have another working macbook to create a bootable usb.. Just to make sure: The version of the MacBook doesn't matter right? So I could use a 2010 MacBook to create a bootable usb even for ventura or in that case propably catalina, right?


@nameless7069 - As far as downloading or even setting it up the macOS version the downloading system has doesn't matter. But! The format of the USB drive does! Make sure its GUID with a journaled file system.

As I've already setup a ton of Thumb boot drives that I need to work on things I haven't tried all of the possible means with the newest macOS's so I can't be sure if Apple hasn't altered the formatting options in the very newest macOS.


@danj Yeah should be fine.. Just need to see, where and when I get a functioning MacBook to create that installer...

I just hope it can somehow be fixed.. Unsure, what hardware would be dead, if it doesn't work.. Propably a problem with the antennas or the mainboard, I'd guess..


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