Scroll wheel doesn't respond.

Hello guys I have a G502 Lightspeed and I have some problems with him for 2 days, and it still goes with the problem, so the point is that my scroll it starts to work strange when I go forward with the wheel, the page must go up, but the page goes down, down, up, after some time wont go up no more just down, after some time more the scroll bar will go by herself at the bottom and i can't pull it up or use the scroll Couse it is stuck on the bottom, like she is on a loop, if I disconnect the mouse everything goes on the way it should be, if I connected again it starts again the whole process until the scroll wont scroll anymore but the side scroll will work ok the scroll click. When wont work anymore, I start to blow air on the wheel and the scroll starts for a little bit to work but note the way that he should be working, and after few minutes, no more scroll again.

I am confused, I don't know what to do, I disassemble the mouse, clean it up, and still the some situation. Before the whole nightmare with 45 % Battery he went off and wont start for a few minutes, after he started the whole thing happens.

Help guys, please, maybe someone had the same problem, or maybe someone repaired one and know what this is about .

Thank you.

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