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Floor lamps are lights that sit on the floor. They are not table lamps, which are designed to sit on tables. Floor lamps are usually taller than table lamps.

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How to tighten loose hinges on an adjustable lamp? It won't stay put!

We just bought a floor lamp with plastic friction hinges that allow the light to be adjusted simply by moving it, but one of the hinges is too loose and the light doesn't always stay put.

The circular discs on the sides look like some type of cover plug, but the plastic is fairly soft and I don't know how to remove them (if that's even necessary) without damaging them.

I also see a tiny Allen set screw holding the hinge to the tube, but again—I don't know if it's worthwhile removing it.

Even if I could disassemble it I have no idea if the hinge can be tightened.

Alternatively, is there anything I could spray into the hinge to tighten it? I've seen someone use moldable plastic to tighten the joints on a Godzilla figurine, but they disassembled the figure first. That video mentioned said they used to use Pledge Floor Care, but after a trip through the looking glass it appears that Pledge Floor Care has been reformulated and won't work the same any longer.

So... any ideas on dismantling the hinge, or on something like Loctite to make the hinge a little grabbier?

Thanks so much!

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it appears as thought there is a caps on that part. If you can remove them, you will probably find a screw that you can tighten.

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Thanks, Bil!

Any tips for getting them off without damaging them? I'm thinking of trying to work a couple of razor blades into the joint and prying.


Well, I carefully slid a couple of razor blades into the space between the end cap and the body of the hinge, and used them to gently pull the cap away from the body. They were a press fit, not glued and they didn't snap in.

As Bill suggested, there was a screw, and it fixed the problem.

Thank you, sir!


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