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An interactive dog camera that allows you to see, talk, and toss treats to your dog when you're away from home. Model: Furbo2

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What part do I need to replace for the USB power jack PCB?

I followed the guide on here to remove the broken usb powerjack PCB but I’m not sure where to buy a replacement. I couldn’t find one on Amazon. Thanks.

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@shyannminnich bit of a PITA but you can always check with or and look through their USB ports. Look for Micro USB ports. There are plenty of different designs out there and I am sure you can match the one on your Furbo. Best tool for the measuring would be a pair of calipers,

If you can, post an image of your PCB with the connector on it, with your Question. That way we can see what you see and we can all try to get your Furbo fixed.

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Yeah, I'm guessing not enough demand for the aftermarket industry to duplicate that circuit board, so best bet at this point is to try and replace just the electrical (USB) connector itself.

That's complicated by the fact that it's a straight connector rather than right angle like every other micro USB port I've ever replaced.

Shyann, I suspect the only way we are going to figure out a replacement part is for you to go ahead and remove the existing one from the circuit board then post pictures of both the bare circuit board (so we can get an idea of what the PCB footprint looks like) and the connector itself, top, bottom and connector side.

I've gotten pretty good at finding parts like that but I would need to see those pictures to be able to tell if I'm even close in picking the right one.


@dadibrokeit Yes, but they are around just not as common Digikey has some here and even AliExpress got them. WE just have to wait on the OP to see what the board looks like ;)


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Block Image

I believe this what is needed. Mine is broke as well.

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@jessicupperman same as the original answer. You can try and find a used PCB at places like ebay etc. or you can try and find a replacement USB connector. Your board and traces looks well enough for a straight forward solder job.


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