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Repair information and guides for the updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook that was released in early 2016. Model A1534 / EMC 2991

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MacBook won't turn on after replacing the battery

I changed the battery and the macbook won't turn on. After connecting the charger, it also cannot be turned on. If I leave it on the charger for a long time, it heats up a bit, but it cannot be turned on.

When changing the battery, I forgot to hold the yellow button on the logic board, could this be the problem? Will it be necessary to replace the logic board? Or is there another solution?

I already tried resetting the SMC but it didn't help. I checked several times whether everything is connected correctly. Well, I simply don't know how to fix a macbook.

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That could in fact be your issue. These machines are SO touchy. The misconception about devices is often that them being off is sufficient when it comes to internal power. Believe it or not, there is still power present on your board until you remove power (ie. disconnect the battery). The button here allows the logic board to stop recognizing the battery, since the connection is actually underneath the board, so you cannot disconnect it by unplugging the battery.

If cables were disconnected before power was yanked from the board, electrical lines could have been bridged as you removed any connectors, potentially damaging the board, or the attached part.

The first thing I would do is to pop it back open, and disconnect the IPD cable (the one that goes to the trackpad/keyboard). Then see if you can get power.

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I just opened it and the led light on the logic board is on, should I disconnect the cable (IPD) and try to turn it on?

Did I understand correctly?


@matejhancko If the light is on, be sure to press the little button to disconnect the battery from the board first (I usuallyuse a plastic spudger and press and hold the button until the light goes out). You might need to press a couple times to get the light to stay off.

Then disconnect the cable and try to power on.


Should I connect the macbook to the classic charger before turning it on?


@matejhancko The 5 watt one? I do because Apple says to and I am cautious always. So rather safe than sorry. But I don't know that I have ever had issues if I forgot.


I tried the 5 watt one but I try to turn it on and nothing happens. I should try

29 watt charger? By the way, after connecting the 5 watt charger, the LED on the logic board does not light up. Before disconnecting the IPD cable, I of course held the yellow button until the yellow led light went out.


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