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Lo smartwatch Apple di sesta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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Won't power on after battery switch

Hey guys so I have a series 6 and the battery I had was losing its charge quickly so I bought a new battery opened it up as per instruction here. Switched battery and it won't power on, tried it on the charger and nothing on the screen. Thought it was a bad battery so I replaced it with the old battery that I knew worked and it still would not power on. I checked the cables going to the screen and they look good don't believe I hit anything while taking the screen off. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Check if the battery connector is properly seated


Sigh, yeah I checked that multiple times with both battery’s unfortunately.


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I ran into exactly the same situation doing the exact same repair on my son's series 6 Apple Watch. I didn't figure out what was going on with it until I got out my magnifying glass and looked very carefully at the display cable. It turns out that despite how careful I was in detaching it from the display, I still managed to damage it.

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The arrow points to the place where the flex cable got torn in the removal process. As it turns out, that cable is replaceable, but it does require some pretty good soldering skills - and a microscope would be very useful. I haven't gotten around to taking it in to work to borrow their excellent equipment yet, so I haven't finished the repair but I hope to in the next few days.

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Oh geez, sounds like just ordering a new watch is in the cards then, lol. I have even called around to shops near me who won't work on Apple Watches. Really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of that though. I'm sure something along those lines happened even though I was SUPER careful when opening it.


@creativegr47902 Yeah, I feel you. I thought I was being soooo careful myself but Apple is really fond of it's super duper adhesives, apparently. I'm lucky in having access to the types of tools needed to fix it since they're expensive enough that I probably wouldn't buy them myself.


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