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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Li-poly battery marring and possible puncture

Took apart my sisters ipod touch 2g... (replacing the screen). Took the battery off with a small metal, screwdriver and the battery got a bit marred ("streaks" on the back where adhesive was)

But I might have a small puncture in the plastic of the battery (1/64 inch)

The plastic is also very slightly puffed up around the batt, just like it got pulled a little by the adhesive

Should I be concerned? I slapped some Electrical tape on it and around the tiny puncture...

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Thomas, yes you should be concerned. If a battery's outer case is punctured, the lithium inside is highly volatile and will react violently with water, this includes humidity in any room. You are now running risk of fire and explosion. Replace the battery immediately and dispose of the broken one. Stay safe, good luck.

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Thanks for the tip. Sorry, I have been gone all weekend and just got back.

My sister has charged it and used the pod all weekend without any difficulties.

I have seen a few vids on lipolys and explosions, and that is something I dont want to happen... but everything seems to be fine so far. The air is just a tiny bit of it near the adhesive, and only on the back, So I think it might just be a bit pulled back from the adhesive. It does not look anywhere like lipolys do when overcharged (but as you said, humidity can do it. Lucky we have <10% humidity most of the time)...

As for now... I will talk about getting a replacement.. But it might not happen immediately. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thomas, sounds good and sensible. Just be careful and watch for any sign of over heating etc. Good luck and stay safe...


Great advice oldturkey03. Also folks, please take your old lithium batteries to the recycling center. Explosions, children / pets getting hold of them, there are lots of nasty things that lithium can do to a person, pet, or environment.


Ok- If I were to replace the battery I have one from the pod I took the glass out of... BUT I removed the small pcb from the corner of it to try to get the pod to work without the batt (to see if it was bad)

If anything happens, if it overheats/etc.. I will rebuild the battery, solder the PCB back on and tape everything. SHOULD work at least :)


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