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The Xtreme 2 is a large portable Bluetooth speaker, released in January 2018. This Speaker comes with an IPX7 and up to 15 hour battery life. Model: PL

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Something is burnt on the motherboard and low frequencies are gone.

There's a burnt metallic smell coming from the speaker and there are no low frequencies present anymore. I disassembled the speaker to find 2 burnt spots on the mother board. Have no clue what they are, but I was wondering what might've caused it and is it better to buy a new board, or try and fix it myself... somehow.

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@r3nrs Did the burning happen while charging? If so, what brand of charger were you using to charge the device? Did the device come into contact with water recently?

Unfortunately, this board is not fixable. You will need to buy another board or salvage one from a used speaker.


@andrewsawesome I'm not sure when the burning happened. I turned it on after about a day of not using it and was listening at fairly low volume for abt half an hour and started to smell the burning smell. After that tried turning up the volume and realised the low frequencies were gone.

I have been using an aftermarket charger for years now.. the original was stolen from me a few days after buying it. It was charging fine and I think the power output was right.

Also I did use it in the shower many times and wiped it down afterwards. Didn't notice any signs of water ever being inside it tho.


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A new board will certainly be easier if you’re not a soldering wiz. Even replacing the visibly bad components might not resolve the issue.

I would also wager charging might have been the root cause. Especially with burn like that.

As for what the components are, I can probably get some info about that, but it’s difficult to see what’s actually damaged. If you clean up the burn with some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab, is it easier to tell what parts are actually burnt, rather than just the circuit board?

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I've only ever soldiered once or twice in school and that was with thick wires, so I would definitely mess something up.

I did use an aftermarket charger basically since the beginning, so that might be the case, but it was charging okay all that time.

And I think I'll try cleaning it up when I get the chance and reply. Would be nice to find out more. But I don't think it would change much, so it's not absolutely necessary.


@r3nrs If you want to.But mostly because I'm nosey :) I am not sure how much a board for these goes for, but it's probably still worth looking into. You got this one out, so I wager you can get a new one in.


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