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How do I replace the radio in my volvo s60 2004?

My volvo stereo is getting old and i was wondering if anyone has done it and thought if it was very hard to do.

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I believe this should take care of it"

Remove the pen holder in front of the shifter.

Pry it out from both ends.

Remove two T-25 screws.

Pull up on the bottom of the CCM slightly and pull the top out.

Remove the T-25 screw from the bottom of the radio bracket.

Pull out on the bottom of the radio.

Pull down on it to unhook the top of it." Pretty much the same way as shown on here. There is some great information on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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+ This looks the same as my friend's S70 and is not hard to do. Remember to write the radio's security code on it or on an attached piece of paper. If you sell the radio or decide to reinstall it the radio won't work until that code is entered.


Where can I find the radio security code?


Charlie Cobb, thank you for accepting my answer. Most Volvo owners have a credit-card lookalike that has the radio’s code on it. It has the four-digit code which is unique to your radio.Check the owners manual pouch, it might be in there, also check the back of the glove box and the console and see if someone has left a sticker with the code on there. Otherwise you will have to check with your Volvo dealer. They all can look up your radio code in a database.Some will give you the code over the phone while others require you to bring your radio and Volvo to the lot. There is a lot of information about your Volvo on sites like this Hope this helps.


I lost the owners manual a while back but i will check if its somewhere in the glove box


Might just be easier to talk to a Volvo dealer :-)


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s60 radio interchange. Advisability the radio is part of the vehicle C.A.N

controller system. This is somewhat like a S.C.U.Z.I system. If you

remove the rdio and go aftermarket there are possibly some very interesting system problems you can run into. Do your homework.

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