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Retrobrite CRT monitor without disassembly?

I have an old Dell CRT monitor that I use regularly. Would it be possible to use Retrobrite on it without taking it apart and risking electric shock?

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@fintendo64 you could but you are having to clean it. For that you commonly use water as well as hydrogen peroxide etc. You can't do that very well with the monitor still assembled. If you want to do it right, I suggest you disassemble the monitor. There is less risk of "electric shock" when disassembling it then there is when you try to use Retrobrite while it is assembled.

If you let us know what model moniot this is, we could probably even help you with that. There are some basic precautions to take but it is not like defusing any explosives etc. :-)

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Hi @fintendo64,

Not only less risk of shock but less risk of any possible water damage to the electrical components in the monitor, even if the power is disconnected due to water getting in through any openings/gaps etc in the case


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