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Anyone with experience on Creating Setup/Self Extracting file

I am currently attempting to create a little setup file/Self extracting file that I can run to basically cut out the need to copy and paste the same files over and over again on multiple machines on a day to day basis.

This will be run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems. I have tried to use IEXPRESS through Windows but when selecting the files to add into the setup file it will not allow me to add folders, only single files. I have also attempted to use Winzip Self extract program, but I am getting stuck when it asks for the 'command'.

I need to be able to contain folders and files, have them extracted to one directory as a whole and then one file extracted to a seperate location (Desktop). Has anyone had any experience in this situation or know a piece of software that can help me in my time of need?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hmm, this must have been moved. I answered where you originally posted the question. Winzip won't create self-extracting .exe files unless you buy the full version.

However 7zip is open source and will create self-extracting archives.

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I love 7zip, have it installed on all my nonMacs, however it will not unarchive to multiple locations as they need - to the best of my knowledge. However it is worth looking into the possibilities with 7zip. Look out for the toolbar it forces you to install on versions over 9 - it will manipulate your searches. This task can easily be done with WinRAR. You can do program installs with it.


Thank you, I will give both 7zip and WinRAR a go.

Many thanks,



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