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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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Why is my power steering leaking fluidI

I fill the unit and when i back out of the driveway there is a large puddle of fluid on the driver side on the ground

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michael, there are a lot of possibilities. Most of the parts that could be leaking are actually on the driver side. You will definitely have to check for leaking hoses going to the power steering pump from the reservoir, the reservoir and the pump itself. than check the hoses from the power to the steering gear. Last, check the gear itself. I would strongly suggest to use a engine cleaner and clean the engine with the van off. Then start it up and see if you can see and leaks, move the steering wheel through a couple of turns and watch for leaks. KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT WHILE YOU CHECK. STAY SAFE AT ALL TIMES. Hope this helps to at least get you started, let us know what you fine. Good luck.

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Great picture to go along with the answer


My mechanic found that the hoses weep under turning pressure. He could not find the leak until he watched while someone cranked on the wheel while he watched. Porous hose line!


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So after years of continuous problems with ps. fluid leaking on 02 caravan everytime it gets cold it blows the hoses to the cooler I used the best quality hoses I could find 600psi so the best fix is go to an auto wrecker find an 06 van remove the hose from the reservoir. With an 18mm wrench remove the top front line from rack and pinion I could reach it from the top. Under neath with 13 mm socket remove the clamp holding the lines and 10 mm socket remove the bracket holding the UPDATED "HOSE FREE" P. S. COOLER it's a continuous steel line I got it out from the bottom with minimal bending. Also I had my pressure line leaking so I took my die grinder with zip cut disc I cut the line from pump where hose meets line and the line at the rack and pinion where it meets the hose went to hydraulic shop got them to make me a 3/8" industrial grade 6000 psi hose. 44" hose with 3/8"compression fittings crimped on at both ends slid them on the lines I cut. I tightened compression fittings. My cost about $40 also bought a p clamp to fit hose and used bolt removed from original line p clamp. Use only A. T. F. +4 Trans. Fluid good luck no more leaks for me!!!!

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