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Dear Razo,

My iPhone 3gs is on iOS 5.1 and baseband 6.15

However, there is a major problem on my iPhone.

The problem is No IMEI,No ICCID, No Bluetooth, No Modem firmware wifi etc. It keeps restarting every 1-2minutes and Keeps searching for signal.

My iPhone 3GS made in 09 week 37th week.

1.I tried battery change

2.Tried restore on iTunes with custom firware

3.Flashed with iPad baseband

4. Tried fresh restore and fresh jail breaking (Unable to complete jailbreaking process as phone cannot connect to wifi, ultrasn0w from Cydia)

My iPhone is on iOS 5. baseband 06.15.00 Currently, My phone has the following issues

1. No IMEI, ICCID ,WiFi , Modem firmware blank

2. Phone keeps restarting every 1-2 minutes.

Phone was previously on iOs 4.1, I updated to iOS 5 via sn0wbreeze creating custom ipsw, hoping problem would be solved. No fix :[ Can anyone help? Can this issue be solved by replacing the baseband chip? is there any other way to solve this issue?

I heard from a few people that this issue cannot be solved as of now, and that solution for this is yet to arrive. Is this true?

Can you guys please please help me out?

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