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The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in August 2004.

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loud buzz sound, followed by a light smell of something burning

Yesterday I was working away when suddenly there was a loud buzz - about 5-8 seconds long. Followed by a light smell of something burning.

In the past year, Apple has replaced 3 power supplies, the faulty logic board, and the faulty DVD drive.

With the previous faulty parts, I heard a loup POP sound, following by a smell and, on one occasion, a spark.

This time a loud buzz, followed by a smell. It's still working though.

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Given your history on the machine Apple may be willing to talk about the computer. I take it you had AppleCare. If your machine is not more that 6 months past it expiring I would call Apple and talk to them. If the first person doesn't want to help as to talk to the supervisor. Hold your ground. If you still get no place then see my answer below. Be Strong When Talking To Apple.


Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. You are right. I was very courteous BUT strong and firm when I spoke to them 6 months ago. Although I purchased my iMac secondhand, they repaired it for no charge. They should! It's a faulty piece of machinery. Apple should have done a recall. I don't trust Apple and that's a difficult statement since I've owned Macs since 1991. My beige desktop G3 is 13 years old and it works just great. All it ever needed was a new battery. My Sony TV is also 13 years old and works great, too! Why should anyone be expected to believe that 3-4 years is old age for a computer? It's a lame excuse for selling garbage. I spoke to Apple and didn't get very far with the fellow but I will try again. I'm not giving up. I will be strong and firm. A friend of my brother just bought his first Mac. I feel very sorry for him. I do not trust Apple. My iMac is in the serial number range of the lemons. I've been burned, ripped off by Apple. I'm not alone. There should have been a recall.


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If Apple will not work with you I would contact DT&T services in Calif. You would be looking at $250-$350 depending on your model for a logic board installed + shipping. See the following link.

I checked on the iFixit site and they do not carry the logic boards. But they do carry the Power Supplies. A power supply will run about $150 with you installing.

The replacement instructions are posted at and depends on if you have ALS or iSight on which one you use.

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My 13-year old TV (never any problems), my 12-year old beige G3 Mac (never any problems or parts replaced except the battery), my 30-year old refrigerator (never any problems), and my 25-year old stereo (never any problems) still work but I am supposed to accept Apple's lame excuse that my 3-4 year old iMac G5 shouldn't be expected to work without endless repairs! I asked the Apple guy if the new iMac G5s could be expected to last longer than mine. He refused to say anything other than that they are faster. Again, I asked him the question. He became angry. I asked him, well, if they don't last longer than a couple of years without major repairs, why would I want another Mac regardless of how much faster it might be?


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"Ripped off" is indeed the right word. You got ripped off because Apple (and a lot of other companies) were ripped off in a case of industrial espionage. Here is a Wikipedia page that goes into the gory details.

It's a no-win story for everyone involved. I have worked on a TON of G5 iMacs, many with bad capacitors. I have also seen iMacs of the same period that are still trucking along happily, not a single visible bad cap. It's just the luck of the draw. Apple did have an extended replacement program. So did Dell, and I'm sure others manufacturers as well.

In terms of buying new equipment from Apple, the "capacitor plague" problem is now behind us. Support services are excellent, IMHO, especially if you can take the system to an Apple store and talk to them in person.

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