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Repair guides and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 4 smartphone, released in October of 2019.

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After dropping phone into water, phone will charge but won't turn on,

I had previously fixed my loudspeaker and changed the battery in my pixel 4 and everything went well and working just fine. Then yesterday, it accidentally fell into the sink while the faucet was on. I quickly took it out of the sink and powered it off. I then dried the outside and knew that I would have to open up the phone again to make sure there was no water in the phone. So I opened it up again, and decided to take out everything, all the parts that I could take out of the chassis, and when I did that I started to use my heat gun, at it's lowest temperature(100 C(o)) and highest fan speed so that the parts were all dry and that no matter if it was wet or not. When I completed that and all was said and done, I carefully started to put it all back together. While trying to put it back together I found that the 2 camera module for the rear, I saw that there were a few pins that were bent and I used a very small magnifying glass and carefully tried to bend them back but it was too late because there were no longer pins to move. But I decided to just plug it back in and if the cameras don't work that is fine, and so I put the rest of the parts back in with no problems. I closed the case up and went to power it on by pressing the power button, however it wouldn't turn on. So I plugged it in to the power charger and I saw the power of the battery on the screen but not the phone. I tried again to power it up but still nothing. That's why I'm on here now, How can I find a way to turn the phone back on or what needs fixed to be able do so?

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If there's no vibration at all when you hold the power button, it's not a good sign. I suspect the heat gun killed it rather than the water, but once there's water damage it's usually not worth fixing anyway.

As a last resort, you can try opening up the phone and disconnecting the battery, then powering it directly from a wall charger to see if it starts.

Hopefully it's just the battery that's damaged and isn't able to power the phone.

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