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The Linksys WRT54G was first released in December 2002. Its primary use is for sharing Ethernet connection among several computer.

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only power LED lit & dim?

I have a linksys WRT54G v7.The problem with it is that when i plug in the power only the power LED glows but not with full brightness.I tried switching the power ON and OFF many times but it remains the same.I have hard reset it many times but it has no effect.

Can any one suggest what can be the problem.

The router started once when i was removing and inserting the power cord again and again.But the same thing again,

PLZ help!!

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well without looking around first, are you using the correct power adapter? ( it can get confusing when you have bunch of power cords or quite a few things near your AP with the same plug).

Did you try and update it, or update the firmware to DD-WRT? something like that?

Unless the power cord has been damaged somehow. I would imagine none of the other indicator lights are flashing when doing the hard reset?

I assume you have not been able to ping it, and not broadcasting an SSID.

If no other status lights are working and you can't address it via ethernet, it seems the router has met a power surge...... or just simply expired.

The only things i can think of to restore it, tftp or JTAG it wouldn't work on that model as far as i know. I might be wrong...... as far as i know the newer versions don't have these kind of options.

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I have a proper 12V 1A adapter.I didn't tried to change the firmware or anything else.

I can see the other LED's glowing with very less intensity(can only see them in dark)

Also i dissembled the router and 3.3V is reaching the ICs.

What could be the problem?


The only thing i can think of would be to check the power adapter with a DMM while wiggling the connector to make sure the power adapter you have is working correctly, or not damaged in some way ( i have had laptops and other devices with power cords that look fine but internally damaged)....... or if you have another power adapter of the same power rating try that if you don't have a DMM to test it, i assume you do based on the comments so far.


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i am facing exactly the same problem with the dim lights and everything, but with huawei echolife hg520b, i use a 12V 0.5 amp adaptor which is the original and i already made sure that its working fine , i also had the circuit scanned with this beeping machine , and what appeared to be the fault is a printed electronic component ,i think those cant be changed manually , i probably getting a new one as i am not really enthusiastic about sending it to get repaired, i wanna buy a new one and repair this myself coz they would probably take a fortune from me at the isp repair center

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It's the wallwart power adapter. I've had 3 of these fail, they are not switching power supplies like the more modern ones. Basically just a big fat coil, 4 diodes and a capacitor (bridge regulator converts ac to dc) they run hot and fail especially when you plug/unplug/plug because that type of adapter uses a big coil for the ac side, when you unplug it's load, it causes a magnetic field to collapse causing a small surge in the adapter which just wears out the diodes and the coil eventually just fails. The router itself is fine, you can safely run another 12v 1amp adapter, I ran one on a 12v 3amp just fine. Router has built in voltage regulator, it won't consume then it needs.

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