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The Pearl Abrasive Cement Saw model VX141MSPROWR is a paver and block saw designed to cut up to 8" x 8" x 16" cinder blocks, bricks, blocks, pavers, terra cotta, stone, and roofing tile.

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Anyone have tips for installing the blade? It doesn’t seem to fit

The hole in the center of the blade doesn’t seem to fit the the diameter of the blade shaft in the saw.

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@joshuah12941 we do not know what blade you have. and I assume your blade is to small to fit the arbor. Your Pearl VX141MSPROWR has a 1" in ch arbor. So, your replacement blade will have to have a 1" hole to fit on that arbor. Check the parts manual on here Pearl Abrasive Cement Saw VX141MSPROWR (2014) for more info

Let us know what blade you got. You can always post images with your Question which makes it easy for us to see what you see

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