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Numero modello A1707. Rilasciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro adotta processori Kaby Lake fino a Intel Core i7 quad core da 2,8 GHz con Turbo boost fino a 3,8 GHz.

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Small section of the Touch Bar is not lit up.

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that a small section on the right end of my Touch Bar is not lit up. It does, however, still respond to touch.

I know that this is not a logic board fault as I have just replaced the top case due to a faulty keyboard. This top case was used, likely salvaged from a laptop split for parts.

I am well aware that replacing the Touch Bar is extremely difficult to do and I would not even bother trying.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could fix this besides replacing the Touch Bar or top case?



Edit: I have just tried SMC reset and PRAM/NVRAM reset. Neither of them have resolved the issue.

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Sorry, it’s either a new Touch Bar or uppercase assembly time.

The glass panel can encounter micro fractures which sever the metal oxide traces which power the given panel area.

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It appears that it has fixed itself. Not sure how, just left it on standby and it then when I opened the lid, it was working again. Not sure what caused it to break or stop working. Thanks for trying!


@philhasbread - I bet your room is cooled so the aluminum case has contracted! Forcing the break to fuse back together physically! That’s not a true fix, sorry 😢

I’ve seen this a few times now. Most of the people who I talked with did tell me their systems did get quite hot, either in a hot car (off) or heavy processing. So the case physically expanded. Unlike the main display the TouchBar is very narrow and physically glued along its length so as the upper case swells from heat it can’t hold its shape as it’s to firmly attached to the uppercase. Aluminum is one of the most heat sensitive metals.

For reference simple water expands as it is chilled to Ice! What you are seeing is the reverse as the metal shrinks as it gets cold!


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