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Numero modello A1707. Rilasciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro adotta processori Kaby Lake fino a Intel Core i7 quad core da 2,8 GHz con Turbo boost fino a 3,8 GHz.

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MacBook shuts down after battery replacement

Hello, I recently replaced the battery in my 2017 MacBook Pro. All went well with the install and I did the new battery calibration as recommended. The battery successfully charges (or appears to).

What is happening though is that if I leave my computer for even a few minutes, the computer will have shut down. I can get it to restart (and then I get an error saying the computer shot down unexpectedly). This happens even when the laptop is plugged in.

This behavior only started after installing the new battery. Any thoughts? If there is a potential issue with the new battery, I'd like to know. (although I would be happy if there were another fix).

FYI-- it it helps, attached is a screen shot from coconutBattery.

Thanks in Advance,

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Update (06/05/23)

To offer some further information, every time I close the lid, when I reopen its, the laptop seems dead. I can press and hold the startup button to get it to start up but I still get the message about the computer shutting down unexpectedly.

And I did reset the PRAM (& supposedly the SMC although there does not seem to be any feedback that that actually confirms the SMC was reset)

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This looks like the Micro-controller is messed up! The batteries date is 2015 while this system wasn’t even produced yet! As it came out in 2017!

Contact the iFixit Store for an exchange.

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I wrote customer support a few days ago but have not heard back.


@jimvfx - I’m just a volunteer here. Send a second request.


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