UV printer won't turn on and is beeping


I have a flatbed UV printer. I've been having issues with the magenta & cyan nozzles printing ink. Ran a few cleaning cycles, still wouldn't unclog. I flushed out the nozzles with distilled water, and then ran another cleaning cycle. Mid cleaning, the printer turned off and started beeping. Now the printer won't turn back on. The main power comes on, but immediately starts beeping and cannot turn on the power to the printer. Can someone help figure out what might be wrong?


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Hi Karen,

What's the make and model number of your printer? A lot of answers and diagnostic procedures are specific to individual printers, so we need to know exactly which one you have.


HI Jerry,

I'm not sure. I purchased this printer from China so it's not branded. It uses an Epson L800 printhead, but other than I don't know what parts are in it.


It seems like your UV printer is encountering a technical issue after a cleaning process. Try these steps: check for obstructions, ensure the power supply is secure, attempt a hard reset, consult the user manual, and contact manufacturer support if needed.


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