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{A1989 / EMC3214} - Rilasciato nel luglio 2018, il MacBook Pro da 13" integra processori i5 e i7 quad-core e grafica integrata Intel Iris Plus.

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Right fan is running at full speed, PPF003 & PPF004 Error Codes.


Something happened to my MacBook recently. The day before the incident, it was working normally, I was browsing the internet on it for a few hours. The next day, when I turned it on, the right fan started running at maximum speed. I reset the NVRAM and SMC, but it didn't help. I ran Apple diagnostics and it showed errors PPF003 & PPF004, so I decided to replace the right fan. Unfortunately, the replacement did not help. I also changed the thermal paste just in case and checked if the fans were clogged, but everything is in good order. Additionally, I unplugged and reconnected the keyboard connector. I tried to control the fan speed using the Macs Fan program, but the speed is locked at maximum (8000 rpm) and cannot be reduced in any way. The left fan can be controlled normally. I checked the temperatures and in idle, they are higher than usual, sometimes even above 60-70 degrees Celsius, whereas before I used to see around 50 degrees.

One interesting phenomenon I observed is that when I press the keyboard cable connector harder, the right fan starts running slower or even stops completely for a second before returning to maximum speed. Therefore, I plan to replace this cable as well.

The laptop has not been dropped or exposed to any water damage. Is it possible for something like this to happen overnight? Or is there anything else I can check before ultimately sending the MacBook to a service center?

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great information


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Definitely replace the keyboard cable. It’s more than likely your problem. I was going to suggest it before I even saw you mention it. The fan signal on these models is transmitted through the keyboard cable to the board (As I’m sure you noticed when you replaced the fan, the fan connector is actually on the keyboard’s circuitboard.

It’s certainly possible for this sort of thing to just occur. It’s not a super common problem in my experience, but it’s not unheard of. Sometimes a cable just goes bad. For any number of reasons. I will cross my fingers, but if it’s not a fan, and it’s not the keyboard cable, it’s probably a board issue. Which is a much more expensive repair. And adds additional complications.

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I took my MacBook to the service, and it turned out that it was the keyboard that was causing the issue.


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