Replaced right analogue stick. Now the calibration seems off.

As in the title, replaced right analogue stick on my 2nd hand Series controller after it started drifting. Now the calibration seems off.

It works in all directions, but the movements are kinda jumpy. It's hard to do smaller adjustments with it.

Gamepad tester has it going beyond the limits of the other stick, which I didn't replace.

Block Image

The part I used was definitely listed for Xbox. Am I just using the wrong software (Microsoft's built in calibrator) or have I messed something else up? Don't know enough to tell whether I've messed up a transistor or something.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Update (04/04/23)

Hi, as a bit of extra info, circularity test shows this. Is this an issue with the stick or something else?

Block Image

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