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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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standby voltage issue chnaged from 3.3v to 8volt

i am just amateur, i have 32" lcd television PCB: EAX64905001 2.4

the standby voltage should be 3.3v

i found the standby voltage now around 7 to 8 volt
that happened after changed Capacitors , ihave return it to original caps but still same issue

any advice please ?

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@tarekhelal if you show overvoltage on P401 or P404 9-12 pin then you are having a power board issue. You are not telling us where you are measuring, why you are measuring, what your TV does or doesn't do, and why you exchanged the capacitors. All of those details are important for a good troubleshooting .

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i have messured on output socket to the main board , also unlplugged the mainboard and backlight cable

previously its only show red light


@tarekhelal If that is the voltage it shows and the original voltage is supposed to be 3.5V the issue could be a MOSFET or a couple of diodes etc. You will either need to find a schematic for that power board and check the components, or replace the board.

"previously its only show red light" that would have meant that your power board supplied stby power. The error could have been the main board not telling the power board to turn on. Hard to say.


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