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Upgrading to OS 10.5.8

Is it possible to do? As I have a OS 10.5.4 disc, will 10.5.8 auto. download?

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What color is the disk?


No, I have a Black Disc in retail box, and also what ram do I need to add to 512mb onboard the iBook G4 1.33 mhz?


you can upgrade it to gb


With out adding the 1GB DIMM you are LOST!


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Yes--just install 10.5.4 and you can download the update the OS to 10.5.8 from Apple at no charge. After you install 10.5.4 you can either wait for the update list to appear or you can select update from the Apple dropdown in the upper left corner of your screen. Good luck.

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I suspect Michael is trying to use a gray machine specific disk.





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As far as RAM is concerned, your best bet is to max the machine out - pull the 256MB PC-2700 DDR333 SODIMM that's in there now, and replace it with a 1GB SODIMM for 1.25GB total.

PC2700 1 GB RAM Chip (SO-DIMM)

With laptops, which usually only have one or two user-replaceable RAM modules, the financially smart move is always to put in as much RAM as the computer is capable of addressing, as long as you can afford it. That way, you eliminate RAM upgrades as an issue down the road, since you've already done all you can.

Apple's published maximum RAM specs reflect the RAM that was commercially available at the time the system was built (and the RAM Apple had to sell you). They usually don't reflect whether Macs were able to use higher-density sticks available after the system was released. A better source for maximum RAM figures is MacTracker, a donationware database of the hardware specifics of every device Apple's ever made:


You'll want to max out the RAM before installing 10.5, because Leopard's RAM demands are much greater than Tiger (10.4). A lot of things are going to slow down; RAM is one way to mitigate that speed hit. If you're planning on using this machine for a while, you might want to look around for a 7200 RPM ATA/100 laptop drive as well; the speed boost over the stock 4200 RPM and 5400 RPM drives is substantial. I don't think anyone's still making 7200 ATA notebook drives; look for Seagate's 7200.1 series and Hitachi's 7K100 series.

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The iBook 12" G4 1.33GHZ has 512MB RAM onboard and nothing in the slot by default, so he can expand this to 1.5GB. It's not necessary to upgrade before installing Leopard, because Leopard works just fine with 512MB, and will be perfectly functional in the meantime.


If you have a source for the 512MB statement, could you post a link? Because that's not what any of the established sources say:

Apple Support-PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.33GHz) - Technical Specifications

EveryMac-Apple PowerBook G4 1.33 12" (Al) Specs

The last generation of 12" PowerBoo G4 (1.5GHz) does have 512MB motherboard RAM:

Apple Support-PowerBook G4 (12-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch Double-Layer SD) - Technical Specifications ...but that's not what Michael says he has.

MacTracker's listing for the 1.5GHz does list 256MB on the motherboard, which is inaccurate. I'll email Ian Page and let him know; he's usually pretty quick to correct mistakes. I'm also editing my original post to include a link to iFixit's 1GB SODIMM.


Your links reference the PowerBook G4, but he has an iBook G4. It's a totally different machine. The 1.33GHZ version of the 12" iBook G4 has 512MB on the board, an empty RAM slot by default, an an integrated Airport card. Honestly, I don't need a source -- I have 50 of this machine in my inventory right now, and I deal with them almost daily. A lot of the "established sources" for this kind of thing are often wrong because they are going off what they see on paper rather than having actual experience with the machines.


My 1.33ghz 12 has 1gb 80 gb hard drive. It updated to 10.5.8 fine before install another 512. I am also having problems now updating to 10.5.8 after the HD crashed. It is the same retail CD version that it was on it. I ran disk utility from the CD (journaled-partitioned-verified-repaired) and indicated that Volume was oK.


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Hi Michael,I have ibook G4 1.33Mhz 768 Mb DDR sd ram Mac OS X 10.4.11 if is possible upgrade to 10.5 ?



my email is

thank you for any help

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Make sure you use an 0S 10.5 RETAIL install DVD disc.!

I now have had 3 sets of grey dedicated disks not work

1 Retail 10.5.2 UPGRADE disk did not upgrade 10.4 to 10.5


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