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I can't talk on my phone unless I use speaker phone.

I cant talk on my phone unless I use speaker phone.

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I had this problem with my old phone switched to a new phone and still have the issue


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This is typically caused by the headphone activation trigger being stuck. Your phone thinks there's a hands-free headset plugged in. You can check this by playing music on the iPhone; if it doesn't play through the speakers, the headphone trigger is stuck. Without opening the phone, the only "safe" way I know of to resolve this is to blow compressed air into the headphone jack.

If you feel like opening the phone, disassemble the phone until you can see the inside of the headphone jack. Dab some contact cleaner on the trigger and push it back and forth.

Good luck.

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I had a device attached to a jewelry charm that you place in your headphone plug. When i pushed the device all the way into the plug the person calling was unable to hear me. But.... I could hear them & it was so frustrating! My phone recognized it as a headphone & it took me 2 days to figure it out. I was ready to flush the phone down the toilet before I figured it


What did you do to correct this problem. This sounds exactly like what I am dealing with.


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What if I hear my music through the speakers but can only

Talk on speaker phone

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