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iPhone screen does not react to touch and sits unevenly in the frame


I've been facing a little problem with my phone. I've bought a SOFT OLED screen, because my previous one cracked. But the touch does not work and it seems, that in the top right corner the screen does not sit well in the frame. When I try to 'push' it inside, it makes a weird cracking noise (via


So is the touch screen somehow broken, or is it anything else?

Thank you for your asnwers.

Photos of the device:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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where did you buy the screen?

is there any wiring ripped or worn?

if you have your old one still, could you try a hook it up to see if its the screen or the phone?

does the new screen turn on if you press the power button?


I bought the screen of a Aliexpress. I know it might be sketchy, but some of my friends, who bought displays from this exact seller didn't have any problems at all.

I dont think so, I've tried to touch the wires as little as possible, and there is none visible damage on any of the wires.

I sadly do not have my old one.

Yes, the screen itself is working fine, just the touch does not work.


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hello Dominik,

on the xs and xs-max models, the touch stops working without being affected by the screen. Of course, there are cases especially of these Chinese copies, but this is not the rule. If you have a multimeter and know how to use it, check the touch port values. I suppose you'll have at least one redundant OL or 0.000 line in there

It would be a good idea to check your screen, go to the nearest repair shop and ask for a check. It will take no more than 2-3 minutes and you will be sure that the screen works perfectly or the touch on the screen does not work.

Another thing is inequality. This is usually related to the combination of the screen and the mounting frame. Both are cheap and don't go together, which is why you have an inequality. Another, more likely reason, however, seems to me that the catch did not catch. The two little metal gates you see at the top of the screen are the catches. They should go under the tabs inside the housing during assembly. If the right one is bent inwards or the tab is broken, there will be nothing to grab onto. Remove the screen and bend the gate slightly outwards (2-3mm). Make sure it has something to catch on and close the screen (remember about flat tapes - wires. These like to be snapped and broken, they stop working. There is a touch tape on the outside. Make sure you haven't damaged it.

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