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Il telefono più popolare di Apple del 2021 è stato lanciato sul mercato il 24 settembre e ha uno schermo OLED da 6,1", un sistema di fotocamera doppia da 12 MP ed è disponibile in cinque diversi colori. È il successore dell'iPhone 12.

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iPhone microwaved - now vertical lines on display

Hi, My brilliant daughter thought it a great idea to put her iphone in the microwave whilst facetiming a friend!! Result is the phone powers up but has vertical lines across the screen which means I cannot unlock it to get the data off. Where do I start for repair? New screen or is it the devices that drive teh screen? Only want to get her pictures and videos off at this point.

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Hello, could you please add a picture of the device's damage? Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda I also believe that it would be very helpful to the repair process to know why the phone was microwaved. Was the phone water damaged at some point?


If you plug it into a computer is it detected?


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New screen probably, damaged by the microwaves (take it she cooked it). Take it to a shop and ask if they can hook up a new screen and see if it works before committing.

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To add to this answer, you can also replace the screen by following this guide. Sostituzione schermo iPhone 13


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Microwaves are a form on electromagnetic radiation. Although they aren't ionizing, they can induce high voltages in the chips and wires inside the iPhone, therefore frying them. Considering the fact that the phone still boots, it is likely that the screen was the only part damaged.

Sostituzione schermo iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Screen

Immagine iPhone 13 Screen


iPhone 13 Screen


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