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Il tablet Surface Pro di sesta generazione, lanciato sul mercato a ottobre 2018. Disponibile in platino e nero. Numero di modello: 1796.

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cover and USB and bluetooth unfonctional


since one week, keypads cover, usb and bluetooth are unfunctional. I try to reboot, and reinstall all driver unsuccessfully. Usb is marked as error type 10. Do you know if there is a controler in common with these 3 components ?

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Has the data on this device been backed up?


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yes I back up all data

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Go to on the Surface Pro 6, then open and execute the downloaded MSI file. Let me know if the USB etc. is still not working.


yes I already exectue the MSI, I also re-install windows 10, it change nothing.

this problem is well known, but nobody found a solution:


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